We’re an eclectic group of founding members. Our backgrounds lay in dancing, drawing, painting, photography, cosmetology, cooking, bartending, sewing, retail, skincare, packaging, design, crafts, cinematography, consulting, advertising, marketing, biotechnology, teaching, swimming, social media, musicians, singing, martial arts, aerial arts, writers…...with interests in topics ranging from paranormal, psychology, philosophy, sociology, mythology, archeology, astrology, paleontology, feng shui, spirituality and forensics. Yeah, we’re nerdy overachievers but we’re not goodie-two-shoes material.




There’s just something about printed material, the fact that it’s tangible and you experience it in the present...you use all your senses. The smell of new book, the smoothness of the papers with the words slightly raised underneath your fingers. There are different textures that your fingertips sense– that’s not just a smooth flat screen. You can look at the vivid photographs without the blue light emanating from behind. Now that is real color you’re looking at.  The sound of pages turned. Shawook. All of those senses working just with the printed magazine itself. We haven’t even got into what the content evokes, like food porn so good you can almost imagine the taste.

The world is a vast place made bigger and badder with that magical land called the internetssss. Hello, cat videos and those amazing DIYs you probably won’t get to. Why? Because it’s not there to remind you. It’s located in a database in Hamina, Finland, cooled by layers of granite and water. With access to it at your fingertips everywhere you go, it becomes something you keep putting off. There’s always tomorrow! It doesn’t live in your personal space as a book would. It’s floating in a database and once it’s there, it’s always there. The internet is great place to spread your every waking moments around but it’s also a source of way too much information...clutter. You lose yourself in it– the info, the ads...it’s like having the attention span…SQUIRREL!